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The new Wiki Jigging Violent Style fishing reel features enhanced external finish with aluminum oxide and bright colors. Iqnternally this new Wiki Jigging series is constructed with forging technique, superior performance gear, JM power spell lever drag, JM design industry leading free spooling, JM synchronous lever wind system, which are features you found in the JM power spell reels and JM Underhead reel. Engineered to outperform, the Wiki Violent Slow Jigging Reel is the first lever wind conventional reel leading innovation with superior design, reliability, and performance.


Model Weight Gear Ratio Line Capacity Drag
1500XH 420g 6.3:1 PE 2 - 400m 20KG Max
2000H 500g 5.2:1 PE 2.5 - 500m 23KG Max
2000XH 520g 6.3:1 PE 2.5 - 500m 23KG Max
3000H 650g 5.3:1 PE 3.5 - 600m 27KG Max
3000XH 680g 6.3:1 PE 3.5 - 600m 27KG Max


* May be a three (3) week wait depending on stock availability.

Wiki Violent Slow Jigging Reel