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Tying Assist hooks with squid skirt

Ok, you have just got yourself a new jig or two and need some assist hooks. The assist hooks you choose are just as important as any other component you use in your jig setup. Your assist hooks can also add to the attractiveness of the jig through the addition of a squid skirt.

In this article, I am going to show you how to tie your own assists with a squid skirt. The advantage of tying your own is that you can get the length exactly as you like. You can also set the hooks up to your preference.

What you will need is:

1. Good quality assist cord. 350lb PE or good quality kevlar

2. 2/0, 3/0 or 4/0 jigging hooks. Pike style hooks are thin but very sticky

3. 9-10cm squid skirts

4. Super glue

5. 6mm round soft bead (under squid skirt)

6. 6x9mm luminous soft bead (optional)

7. Solid ring (figure 8 ring preferred)

8. Heat shrink 5mm (optional)

9. Pliers, a small length of 20lb line, scissors, heat gun

Your first step is to double of a length of cord to about 15cm then cut.

Now you want to tie a granny knot at the end to insert your hook into.

Insert your hook so the knot will tighten around the shaft. Rotate the line so it will feed through the eye on the barb side.Tighten with pliers.

Feed the line through the eye.

Apply a small amount of super glue to the knot for added strength.

At this point you may choose to slide a small 20mm piece of heat shrink over the knot and heat. This provides more strength and a level of protection.

The next step is to lay your next hook along side the line above the first hook and laying the opposite way.

Tie another loose granny knot just below where the eye of the second hook sits and place hook through the loop and tighten with pliers.

Feed the line through the eye.

Repeat with super glue over the knot. Also add shrink wrap to second knot if you choose to.

Lay the round bead and squid skirt next to the hooks and try to line the bottom hook up with the bottom of the skirt. The squid skirt will sit over the top of the bead. This will stop the skirt sliding down. Tie a knot in the line at the bottom of where the bead will sit.

Put the 20lb line through the round bead then through the top loop of the assist line and finally back through the bottom of the bead. Then pull the line through the bead.

Pull the bead down to sit on the knot.

Slice a small piece of the beak of the squid skirt to reveal a small hole.

Thread the assist line through the bottom of the squid skirt and pull down to sit on to the bead. Thread the 6x8mm bead on to sit on top of the skirt.

Loop your solid ring onto the end of the line.

Once you make your first few you will be able to quickly tie a number of these. It pays to have a range consisting of different hook sizes and hook diameters. As a general rule, if you are fishing lighter, it pays to use smaller, finer hooks that are easier to set. I like to contrast my squid skirt colour with my jig as i believe that sometimes the squid skirt is more attractive than the jig.

Happy fishing.

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