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A little about slow pitch jigging

Slow jigging is an alternative style of fishing, that is growing in popularity, for targeting those tasty demersals such as Dhufish and Bight Red Fish. The idea being that demersal fish do not have the metabolism to allow them to chase fast moving targets therefore your jig needs to stay in the target zone and do enough to entice a strike.

This style of fishing requires slightly different gear to high speed jigging. Firstly, the jigs needs to dance, glide and flutter with small inputs (pitch) from the angler. There are a large range of jigs out there with often weird and wonderful colours and shapes that work very well from companies like FCL Labs, Sea Floor Control, Xesta etc. Around the South Coast of Western Australia the waters we fish in are between 40m and 300m and it is not unusual to have strong currents. These conditions tend to mean jig weights of between 150g and 200g are most common but 300g+ when heading beyond 100m depths.

The rods that yield best action from the jigs are also different to the traditional jigging/bottom bashing rigs. They are longer and very thin with a lighter top third, allowing the rod to create good movement of the jig with little lifts or winds. Matched with a small PE2/3 overhead reel or 4000 sized spinning reel, these rods allow you to jig all day without the sore arms, shoulders or back.

The line used is really important as you want the jig to stay as vertical as you can to allow it to work it's magic. With strong currents or boat movement, you want a line with low drag through the water. Good quality PE2 or PE3 will generally be the ideal line and people are often surprised when they see a 20kg plus fish landed on PE2 line. As long as you can get the fish off the bottom and away from dangerous ground, PE2 will yield great results.

For more information about Slow Pitch Jigging go to: Japanese Angler's Secrets

My fishing passion is in slow pitch jigging and I am always on the look out for news jigs that will slay the fish. Unfortunately, the big name manufacturer's jigs are often expensive and it hurts the hip pocket when you get smoked. This has driven me to create an online store that sells high quality tackle (jigs to begin with then expand the range in time) that don't cost the earth and actually catch fish. I have spent the last 6 months testing a wide range of samples and decided on jigs that have caught fish. The jig selection I stock will evolve over time from customer feedback and testing of different shapes and colours.

I would love to hear any feedback or ideas you have. Please email me ( if you would like to give me feedback or share any of your great catches from Rapid Fire Fishing products.

Stuart Klose

First Dhufish caught on a trial jig

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